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  1. Gina Simmonds

    I am hooked on your videos question is your home base Tampa Hard Rock if so what room do you play in

  2. Kevin Paul


  3. Hoa Dang

    Shut the front door

  4. lucky girl

    I've won the grand 3 times and each time I hit the button in succession. I think when you wait to hit it you may give the rng time to reset..just my opinion :)

  5. 필일

    그 여자 참 예쁘네요

  6. SteveC211

    Great Job guys and get Lady Luck another vodka and cran and hubby can go with a tequila and pineapple

  7. Mark MacIsaac

    It really is a blast watching the credit meter, bet meter and win meter get a Workout every time you guys play the machines!lol.


    You made 💵 on this session! Congrats!

  9. Charles Walz

    Good luck ma'am~~~~

  10. Charles Walz

    Good luck ma'am~~~~

  11. sergiozruiz

    Love the vid ! I got a couple sealed boxes as well! Nd a charizard! Love ur content!

  12. Ar Cee

    Wow that is amazing!!! Indeed Luck is on you Lady Luck.

  13. websurferguy

    She puts $1000 into the machine like it's nothing. $1000 is my whole budget for a weekend gambling trip.

  14. Pawel Pawel

    Gdzie te casino ?

  15. mickey christensen

    Well I screwed up. You said it, "save it" and got a hit!

  16. mickey christensen

    I love watching. I did notice every time you say "save it" on last spin you don't get anything.

  17. GokuFievel32

    That ticket is worth as much as a House. 2020 clearly ain't sucking for you.

  18. Letty P

    Amazing congrats! Love watching you guys win!

  19. Rose Goals and Coins

    You never disappoint. Cool video missy, thanks for the fun!❤😊👌

  20. Daevon Denike


  21. mahesh kathayat

    How some one can be lucky all the time? Great win congratulations

  22. Jose Barrios

    Siempre te sigo buena suerte para ti

  23. David Lafferty

    Soooo damn pretty!!! And lucky!!!

  24. Jamjam S

    $100 slaps? Damn you must of sucked Hella flop for the income 😂

  25. Chain Chanatip

    Where is this casino in aus or usa

  26. Nancy Moreno


  27. Steven Wagner

    That’s what I call a good day!

  28. Sheryl Sims

    Very nice win!!!💕🌸🌸🌸💕 Congratulations!!!!!!

  29. Gloria Mejia


  30. Heavenly Scratchers!

    WOW! So, so exciting! Thank you so, so much Lady Luck HQ! Please have yourselves a beautiful night.

  31. JoJos Allsortz Donnelly

    Wish one day i can play high bets!

  32. JoJos Allsortz Donnelly

    Win big go down denoms and play..could be win win win JACKPOTZZ

  33. Ryyy Shaw

    40 grand and still have ads every 30 seconds. Jesus

  34. alvin sotelo

    wow maam,,ur so very lucky,congrats again 4 ur wins.

  35. Joshua Hilton

    Love the 462 ads

  36. Efrain Jimenez

    Nice Job 👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌

  37. Bradley Roberts


  38. Bass Brotherz Fishing

    Thats Awesome Just Subscribed to your channel

  39. Bass Brotherz Fishing

    Is this in lake Charles?

  40. NN slot have fun!!

    Amazing! Congratulations 👍🥳🤑

  41. Ruben Garcia

    Lady... you're so lucky....👌🏻🍒

  42. Priscilla bohn

    I think lovey dovey should be changed to Darling because he calls you Dolly so you can be the double d"s

  43. Eric Knight


  44. Javier Rosilea

    doing good

  45. Lone Wolf

    That was awesome. If that happened to me the casino would owe me a new pair of underwear. Winning that much, have you had friends or family hit you up for "loans" ?

  46. Talles Vito

    Another great video! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Thanks for watching!

  47. jackie henderson

    great video

  48. Sur M

    Mother father.... Shut the front door....hahahaha That is a good one.

  49. Joe Shizzle

    New drinking game - each time Mizz LL says Come ON! (DRINK) each time Mizz LL says BAW BAW BA BAW... BAW BAW BA BAW BAW. (GUZZLE) ;) HIC-CUP! LOL!

  50. Margarita Ortiz

    ENJOY THE day with you family. CONGRATS YOU spend mucho dinero. 😉

  51. Rico EL GORDO LOCO Sabor

    Lovely session! Love you guys, so funny, great attitude.

  52. **S P Y **

    Fun... How were you guys getting the handpays paid out to you back to the machine, without the casino attendant coming by and paying you the cash in your hands? :-) just curious...

  53. Mark Giles

    Great job!!!

  54. Tokyo Escobar


  55. Articia hughes

    I'm so happy for you... Congratulations on your wins.... Bonus in the bonus....

  56. Darron Mecak

    Ok ok

  57. Yassel Suarez

    Hey there! Congratulations on the handpays! Was that at the hardrock today?

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Hey hey! No, this was recorded about 3 weeks ago!

  58. Mommy Bear Adventures


    1. Lady Luck HQ


  59. Chris H

    Nice. My best hit was $350 free play into $32.000

    1. Chris H

      @Lady Luck HQ one day

    2. Lady Luck HQ

      That's insane!! One day or whole weekend?

  60. E Young

    Amazing hits! Love it!!!

  61. Petx X

    Dammmnnn it eL eL ...i love that MASK of yours!💘since 1rst time i saw it on you!! Dammmnnn...I'm trying to find one identical or similar BUT I CAN FIND IT NO WHERE AROUND HERE!! Can i get ONE from you?...P L E A S E??😢😢😢

  62. jaden R

    Good job, awesome job, fantastic job. Thats how ya bet n win 👏🏽👏🏽

  63. Bonnie Berry

    Awesome session, congrats👍🎉🥂🍻🤑

  64. 2Tone 331Vicky

    Should be a crime to cover that pretty face 😍 dam covid.

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Awwwww!! Thank you 😊

  65. Jonathan Manley

    I learned something for any of the link games. If one of the reels which can change around is long and not showing anything on any of the hold and spin spins your not gonna get the last one. If every one is showing orbs passing you have a high chance of getting the grand.

  66. Bobby Madera


  67. chrismay1a

    Lol the squeak in your voice when you say yes at 3:20 so cute

  68. Robert Hernandez

    I love to hear you happy I wish you good luck have fun take care beautiful🌹👍

  69. Pixel 4XL

    Hell that's nothin I win more than that each weekend

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      That's awesome! Keep winning.

  70. Daniel Boj

    Q campeona q sos 👸🥂🤗☺

  71. Mustafa Al0z

    Your best winnings mostly with $50 bet, way better than 100+ bets, keep it up

  72. Edvaldo Valsique


  73. Katy Hauck

    I looove your videos!!! Do you tape surreptitiously, or do the casinos know? Just curious. I’m a new subscriber, so apologies if you’ve already covered this. 👍

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Hey Katy!!! First off, thank you!!! We never film without the casinos permission. It's good publicity for them and I get content for YT so everyone wins.

  74. Dorojan Petrica

    Yuhuu my girl. How is it going?

  75. Nancy Orbaker

    Have you ever been lucky enough to fill the screen with all the orbs to get the Grand ?

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      No not yet

  76. Irving Dietsch

    Super machine

    1. Lady Luck HQ


  77. Stephanie T

    Your mom is a riot! What a great sense of humor!

    1. Lady Luck HQ

      She sure is😊😊

  78. Irving Dietsch


    1. Lady Luck HQ