BONUS after BONUS on NEW Dragon Spin Slot Machine in Las Vegas!

Lady Luck HQ

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    BONUS after BONUS on NEW Dragon Spin Slot Machine in Las Vegas!
    Today Lady Luck HQ and hubby explore a NEW SLOT MACHINE called Dragon Link. We land several bonus games and bet up to $48 a smack. This is a high limit slot machine at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas in the Las Vegas Strip. Enjoy
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    1. Eden Garcia

      I love her she reminds me of me playing at slots arghhh she is just so cute haha 😂🐥

    2. TIM Firkins

      Too Fast

    3. Bea Long

      Lady Luck, hmmm, not sure I'm a fan of this one given how many times you were denied free game feature xx

      1. Bea Long

        but I did like the nearly full screen of green dragons, so theres that x

    4. Abbas Ali

      Your husband always mini

    5. Gamblin Granny

      Fun fun game. Love it. Thanks for sharing another awesome vid. 🤗🤗💰👍🥰

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you 🤗

    6. Wynn Wynn

      Kicking a machine cussing at it, spilling drinks on it or praying to it. Really makes no difference. LOL The RNG will do what it does and the casinos win in the long run. As Steve Wynn once said " if you want to make money in a casino own it or buy its stock"

      1. Wynn Wynn

        @Lady Luck HQ LOL the machine I'm sure has no feeling but if you break it you will pay. I however always say its a casino they will cuss, yell, drink and smoke and if we can't put up with it we need to go to church. LOL

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        I've never understood it either. The woman next to us was so damn angry. I felt bad for her machine.

    7. Shhh Slots

      At least the mini that Charlie picked was super clean. Lol! That looks like a really awesome game! Thanks for sharing! So much love and luck from AZ

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Hahaha. His girlfriend was going to pick but let him do it and then my hubby gave him shit for it afterwards!

    8. Timothy Conwell

      If I don't cee lady luck my day is a drag , now that's mean my iPad crashed and couldn't watch I was litterally in a state of depression, hott damns ! Stay safe please both of you !!

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Hahaha! You're so funny Timothy!! Hope you're doing well =)

    9. Robert Austin

      Did you notice that the game banks the 1st and 5th reel symbol.. When you get one, and then the other on a later spin it triggered the bonus. And when you got both at one time you got to choose twice hence the 2 minis the 1st bonus.

    10. Justin Thomas Dronemaster Scratchers JT

      Game looks fun and interesting. I need to try it 😁

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        You should! It was fun! Tough to record since the screen was massive but a fun change.

    11. Dolores Solorzano

      Trying a new game, it’s always exciting, good luck, and thanks for sharing...🍀🍀🍀

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you Dolores!! This was a fun one. I'll play it again!

    12. Dave in MONTANA

      I went to my local casino with $60 and got home with $40 worth of delicious carryout from my favorite restaurant and $1300 !!! I love you Lady Luck ❤️😘

    13. Savage Angler

      you guys allways make my day,! i even got nervous

    14. Deb Ramage

      Cheers Franny.

    15. Bobby Madera


    16. David Kendrick

      3:50 Does anyone have the nerve to tell LL that the conditions for getting the bonus are on the screen in the top left corner? What do you mean, I just did? 11:21 Mr Pottymouth had just 10 seconds more to go... but nope... couldn't help himself...

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Come on! You know he can't help himself!

    17. Gabino Barrera

      Hi Lady Luck you are so lucky and Smoking 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    18. frank Roberts


    19. Milone Money Mindset

      That dragon hit was so cool! What a fun machine to watch!! Looking forward to your next video :)

    20. Patti Smith

      Fun new dragon spin. Big Minis but wish you would have got the bonus. So hard to get on this new one ❤️🍀

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        I need to play this agaib

    21. Violeta Lopez polet

      Omg I just came to Vegas had no luck yet but hope to see you here good luck !!!

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        I hope you win big!!!!!

    22. Juan Marciaga

      I love your laugh 😍😍😍😍

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Aww thank you

    23. Lovel John

      That was a very nice game thank u lady luck😎😎

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        You are welcome

    24. Beavispdx

      Looks like a cool new game!! Loved video as always ❤️👍

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you

    25. shanialover

      Dear Francine, Exciting play but too bad you only hit the mins every time. I just wonder if it was ready to give you any bigger ones if you kept playing. As always Good Luck & I keep you both in my thoughts & prayers. I wish I could have seen your outfit. 👱‍♀️👗👠😞

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thanks for watching 😃 hope you are doing well🥰

    26. Dorojan Petrica

      It is ok if you do not wanna tell me. I just asked you. Sorry about question 😟

      1. Dorojan Petrica

        @Lady Luck HQ have you been at Black sea?

      2. Dorojan Petrica

        @Lady Luck HQ i am from Bucharest too. And i love to gamble too. But i want to stop gambling. It did put me to the wall

      3. Lady Luck HQ

        We have many friends who live in Bucharest and the East side of Romania by the sea! They all love to gamble!

      4. Dorojan Petrica

        @Lady Luck HQ i did see it. My girl. Nice to see you on you tube. I wish to meet you face to face but you are în USA i am în UK. I left Romania for UK to Word here

      5. Lady Luck HQ

        I responded to your question 😊

    27. michael andrews

      Looked like got bonus after you hit once on reel one then on five least way I saw it great video keep up the great work

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you so much

    28. matthew thompson

      Awesome as always. Great video. You guys are fantastic and entertaining. Glad to see you are staying safe thru all this. Always the best luck for you both. Thanks for showing new machines. Super idea.

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you so much Matthew 🥰 new machines to mix it up🤑

    29. Cecil Burns

      Why do you say A, K, J etc? Most would say what they represent; Ace, King, Jack etc.

      1. Cecil Burns

        Now we know

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        I just always have😉 it did it as a joke and it just stuck.

    30. Dorojan Petrica

      Hello my girl. How are you. I wanted to ask you something. But i avoid it. What is your name?😊😊

      1. Dorojan Petrica

        @Lady Luck HQ nice name. Nice to meet you. I wish😁😁😁

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        Hiiiiiiii my name is Francine

    31. Pirate Sparrow Slots

      Enjoyed! This game can be fun. Good luck.🍀🍀💀☠💀

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        It is a fun one

    32. Justin S

      This was a fun session guys I love ya

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Something different

    33. bdc122890

      Charlie didn't even really want to choose but when he did he got the 3 minis right away. That's rough.

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    34. Frank Kopp

      Crush it!! :-) :-) grill it !! :-) :-) Yahoo :-) it.:-) bash it._______:-)______:-)__I have fun with it. Aloha Aloha Aloha

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    35. JS Slots

      That game looked fun thanks for sharing and hope all is well your way!!

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    36. Naomi's Slot Channel

      Subscribe hit that bell 🔔 make sure your notifications are on so you never miss an upload. 👍🍀 I never seen this game before. Have a great Monday you are thee best. 😃

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Happy Monday 😊

    37. Thomas Ralabate

      Winning $500 is pretty good for not knowing what is going on. Fun machine. Continued good luck for Lady Luck.

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Had no clue first time playing

    38. Jonathan Myers

      🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰💵💵💵💵💵

    39. Jonathon Buford

      Luv u your so amazing makes my day i wait for your videos everyday your smoking 🔥

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you so much

    40. nightwolf10034

      That’s a Bad Ass Game

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        It was fun😊🥰

    41. Kevin Kern

      Interesting 🧐 Nice video

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Lol 😆

    42. Loy Vale cruz

      Good luck lady luck ang husband

    43. Andrew Casiquito

      Hello from jemez pueblo

      1. Andrew Casiquito

        @Lady Luck HQ love watching it videos. You're a very beautiful young woman. Please accept my compliment.

      2. Lady Luck HQ


    44. Dave Kimmet

      hey guys great video keep your luck going Dave

      1. Dave Kimmet

        get back to work Ha Ha

      2. Dave Kimmet

        that was a fast reply , i cant imagine how you would act if you won 100000 dollars it would be so funny but great

      3. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you Dave

    45. Luz González

      You are the best!!!!!! 🌹👌🏽🙏🏼🥰👍🏽

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Wow, thank you!