INSANE Handpay Jackpot with a MEGA ORB on Lightning Link Slot Machine!

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    Two trips ago to Las Vegas, we couldn't lose on most of the slot machines we played! It was pretty wild! Anyways, it felt like we cooled off a bit so we thought it was done, and then BAM! We landed a mega orb that Saved the Day!
    6 or more orbs needed on Tiki Fire Lightning Link to land Hold & Spin! Or 3 or more of the volcano symbols!
    Take a peek at this awesome action at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas!! Slot machine jackpots were flowing like the Euphrates River!

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    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Hi! This was recorded BEFORE the mask requirements in Las Vegas! Check out My BIGGEST Handpay EVER on Tiki Fire!! It's crazy!

    2. Ricardo Wu


    3. Veronica Meeley

      God bless and WIN BIG LadyluckHQ

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you!! Likewise!

    4. MrFull Moments

      Not bad at all!

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    5. Felice Nappi

      Sei fortissima brava

    6. Justin S

      Oh man that was a great handpay love you guys

    7. Dirk Zimmermann

      You are great and totally special. Greetz from germany.

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Wow, thank you! OR should I say DANKE!!

    8. Rudy Gorm

      Great win......why does he need to spin soooooo fast? Sometimes you get nice line hits and he quickly moves onto the next in a rush. Line hits are nice to enjoy tooooo 😊🤷🏻‍♀️

    9. Kenny-D

      Thumbs up from me fran....Ty for bringing us all these Great Vids Fran Love them all... Hi hubby

    10. Pirate Sparrow Slots

      Great hand pay on Tiki Fire!! Congratulations. Good Luck.🍀🍀☠💀☠


      Liat cara bermain slot di my channel menang terus boss

    12. Taiwan Mitasia

      Love my queen Lady Luck

    13. Sara Herrera

      Bored with lightning link and and dragon link to be honest.

    14. Gabino Barrera

      Hi,Lady Luck I hope you are doing well.

    15. Angela G

      Really enjoy watching you play slots 🎰🍀🌸

    16. Deb Ramage

      Scratching your toes, hate it too. Lol

    17. K Adams

      Wasn't that Buffalo Stampede?

    18. Savage Angler

      please let me know Do you always use your casino card member.???????

      1. Savage Angler

        really ? is not better when you dont use it? whats the differents? im new to casinos and i like to see your videos daily but im confuse

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        Yes! Always use it

    19. NZ slot NZ. Sensational


    20. Jack Fondren

      Tiki Fire can be a tough one! Glad you had some luck on it

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        The bonus game is rough on it but I love the hold and spin on it

    21. Scratchnwintx

      Wow! Great video.

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you

    22. 정명숙

      good luck

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    23. Sarah Pickett

      I love your slot channel. Congrats on you win 👍👍👍 I've can NEVER get a decent win on these lighting links games (5c & 10c demon) and loose at least 500.00+ at each visit. I'm convinced after playing appox 3 years, the Casino is rigged and I prefer not to play anymore, but I enjoy watching your channel. 👍

    24. Glen Cameron

      Thanks for the video...

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you!

    25. Awoken33

      Your sure are back on track $1975. Let’s win some more. 😁

    26. boomboom

      You're so fine

    27. Bobby Madera


    28. Timothy Conwell

      Woooo Wyoooo love that outfit DAT is so hot the lady with the best taste I wanna gamble with u ! Now that was a sweet win congrats you two know u r a lucky man and never forget it ! Stay safe you two together unstoppable!

    29. Mama V Dymond

      Please stop singing. I so enjoy your video except for your singing.

    30. Heath Pardieu

      Thanks for posting my big win...👍

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    31. Colleen Kay

      Did you hear about a person winning 320k in the high limit 2dollar machine at the Cosmopolitan?

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        I heard! They were betting on $200 denomination and got the triple double diamonds on the reels! Crazy!

    32. Dorojan Petrica

      Hii beautiful girl. How is it going?

      1. Dorojan Petrica

        @Lady Luck HQ not so bad my girl. I drink a beer. Do you want some?😇

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        Hey my friend! It's going great. How about you?

    33. Shhh Slots

      That really was a massive orb! I would love to hit that! I mean let's be honest, I'd love to win anything right now. LOL! Great video my dear friend. So much love and luck from AZ

    34. marvin williams

      Dam that's sweet hit awesome girl

    35. marvin williams

      Well hello there Lady Luck HQ let's see you hit a big handpay and you're looking very lovely today

    36. ronny k

      That zipper is way too long!!! 😉

    37. Dolores Solorzano

      Just be happy !!! Enjoyed your videos, thanks a lot...🍀🍀🍀

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you

    38. bobo1010able

      It looks like you either just got out of prison or getting ready for it

      1. Erika Banzon

        Straight outta Compton!!! Lol

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        Lol. It's a weird color for a jumpsuit 🤣

    39. Kathryn Vera

      Amazing hit! I wonder if you can still get that orb in a $5 Congrats you two!

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        I wonder that too... gonna have to try🙃😉

    40. Shah Baba

      Haiii beautiful lady with cute dimple's and beautiful eyes.

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you

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      hello lady in white

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      Ciao Lady🍀🍀❤

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    43. Dave Kimmet

      hi guys happy sunday ,,great win keep it up Dave

      1. Dave Kimmet

        that was nice I always have great days and ill leave some special time for you two

      2. Dave Kimmet

        thanks ill keep watching be safe Dave

      3. Lady Luck HQ

        Have an amazing Sunday

    44. JS Slots

      Thanks for sharing congrats on your win my friend!!!

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you

    45. Kevin Kern

      Very nice win Congratulations Amazing WGL

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you so much

    46. Meganl Locklear

      got it! 🤜🤛 Not a mean machine this time

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    47. Justin Thomas Dronemaster Scratchers JT

      Love tiki 🔥. Great game. Soon I’ll be headed to casino in next couple weeks 🤞

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Yes!! I hope you win big 🤑

    48. Thomas Ralabate

      Happy Sunday. Thanks again for the content

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Happy Sunday

    49. Jerry Lusane

      Congratulations Lady Luck, I actually watch the video before I comment

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you Jerry

    50. roger p

      That outfit looks like a skydiving outfit lol

      1. HTodd Griffin

        @Lady Luck HQ You make anything look good, but that outfit does resemble my landscapers uniform.

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        In person it is really cute, but on video I don't like it...

    51. shanialover

      Dear Francine, THANK YOU for another dress at home and did I see you curtsy? I am also SO CURIOUS where you got that choker so I might be able to get one too. I couldn't tell whether your green outfit was a dress or not. Congrats on the Handie. As always Good Luck & I keep you both in my thoughts & prayers. 👱‍♀️👗👠😊

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you so much! I got it online, let me find the site for you.... hope you are well!

    52. Meganl Locklear

      THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE! lol! 🍀Good luck always🍀

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        🔥 👍 😃

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      Yes another video watching now thumbs up 👍 notifications bell working great. 🍀Good Luck. Happy Sunday.

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thanks lady 👩

    54. Charlie Gomez

      I could never win anything in the game that you're play but anyway good luck win big 😎

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        They are hit of miss, it you watch after the handpay you will see we just feed the machine 😉

    55. Jonathon Buford

      Hey my super sexy amazing friend luved seeing u as always

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      Nice and good luck

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      Enjoying a LLHQ video before the hurricane 🌀 hits..... perfect way to end my day hehe.

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        @Tommy S Thank goodness 🙏

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        @Lady Luck HQ omg it just passed us north. We dodged the bullet

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        Omg I just saw the news, stay safe my friend ❤

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