🎰JACKPOT HANDPAY on High Limit Wheel of Fortune!🎰 $50/SPIN!

Lady Luck HQ

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    Lady Luck HQ and hubby are playing HIGH LIMIT WHEEL OF FORTUNE WOF slot machine game at the Hardrock Tampa Hotel and Casino. We land the spin feature and land a jackpot handpay!
    🎰JACKPOT HANDPAY on High Limit Wheel of Fortune!🎰
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    1. Eddie Brown

      Im in love with her , and your pin is the same l use for everything its my daugther Birthday

    2. Hugh Janus

      Cant just like those but you "gotta love them cherries"

    3. Angelo Cipriano

      One of my favorite games good luck Lady Luck 🍀🍀🍀💰

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    4. romeo diaz

      What is the secret, lots of money, lots of fun,, Are you rich?

    5. romeo diaz

      Hey how about some videos were you lose,,I mean is it always win, win, win?

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Hi Romeo -- You must not watch my channel often -- I've posted 4 losing videos in the past 9 days. Here's one from this week -- kgup.info/get/apuKo4Gmlm-Lg3c/video then here's another from this week - kgup.info/get/lpF-p3uwd6humqE/video and here's YET ANOTHER -- kgup.info/get/fGt7mXjHiqGnaWo/video

    6. Saydee !

      Your arms are missing in your thumbnail. 😕

    7. Happy Jammu

      What’s name this casino where location

    8. Fuck Shit

      Jump for PewDiePie

    9. Brenda Stachowiak

      I love the WOF. Thanks for the video.

    10. StripeCatFlip

      I am done with Casinos. I get rid my debit card lost 2k in 2 hours

    11. JackofAllTrades 93

      This game is definitely not your "jam" but you should try high limit CASH MACHINE! 3 wheel game with a Possible re-spin feature. $5 denom 10 credit max bet! Just a suggestion 😀😀

    12. Frank Handy

      When you didn’t cash out your hand pay why did you enter a code, what does that do?

    13. Tammy Pyle

      I could live off that Eureka money you made all year long and be sitting out under a tree instead of behind piece of wood 9 hours out of my day

    14. Mel Superman

      I'm jealous of you two. NOT because of the money, but because of the love you have for each other. ❤️

      1. Mel Superman

        You're welcome! ❤️

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        @Anna Gertner 🤣🤣 I just googled her!

      3. Anna Gertner

        @Lady Luck HQ Admit it, you are related to Riley Reid

      4. Lady Luck HQ

        Awww! Thank you so much =)

    15. Mary Harris

      Hey my girl hope you're doing okay I've been a little bit under the weather

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        I'm sorry to hear that!! Feel better please =)

    16. John Wu


      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you 😁

    17. Eli Rabani

      Sending you good energy from Jerusalem.

    18. Lady SlotSquatch

      I like seeing some classics! Love Wheel of Fortune!😁

    19. poncho 467

      Thank goodness theres not a its a small world after all. Slot machine.🐱

    20. Dragon Lee

      This shows how sincere you are in what you do.

    21. Javier Rosilea


    22. 100% worldview

      This beautiful busty diva 😍😍😍 i swear 🤗

    23. Francisco Garcia

      Oy no ubo suerte sexy

    24. synseer 84

      Omg PEBBLEZ.

    25. Jose Hernandez

      Eh nice rolls glad you knew when too cash out!

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you Jose!

    26. Tommy S

      Something about vintage slots.......... 💕

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        I agree!!

    27. David Kendrick

      Sitting in front of a mechanical, analog machine makes LLHQ look so much more young and radiant 😀

      1. John Wu


      2. Lady Luck HQ

        Ha! Yes! I'll take it David ❤️

    28. Robyn

      Hi Fran, I was hoping for last spin magic but still a great session to watch. Wheel of Fortune will always be a great classic game to play!

      1. Robyn

        @Lady Luck HQ Going great, besides working too much. Thank you for asking. I'm planning on going to Tampa soon and try my luck there. Thank you for the best slot channel ❤

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        Hey pretty lady!!! Thank you as always! How are you doing? Any fun trips lately?

    29. Sylvansh Vansh

      Hey lady luck ..nice videos I see all ur videos. .one day will come to hard rock casino to meet you ..I am from India. .

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        OMG! All the way from India! That's amazing! I love it! Thank you and yes!! You should visit! 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    30. Anthony Martinez


    31. shanialover

      Dear Francine, I am thinking you & Hubby must be on an extended trip as you have missed a number of my comments recently. I hope you both & your 2 Doggos are doing well. I was sad to see you had to SMACK away all of your winnings trying to get more but you seemed to have fun trying. As always Good Luck & I keep you both in my thoughts & prayers. 👱‍♀️👗👠👠🙏🤞🤞🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Hey hey! Sorry I missed some. We have been traveling as usual and are planning some other items for you all!! Hope you're doing amazing 😘

    32. William Connor

      when you going live next? we miss your live streams!

    33. Dorojan Petrica

      Kiss my super girl😊

    34. Luke Stambaugh

      Finally wheel of fortune!!!!

    35. Bobby Madera


    36. watagump1

      As a watch lover, lets see what you are wearing, I have my guesses ready in my head.

      1. watagump1

        @Lady Luck HQ Well, I got yours right. I have 6 watches myself. My 2 luxury are a Breitling Transocean Chrono and a Panerai Radiomir 388. I had a Rolex Datejust from 1994 to 2013, sold it for more than I paid.

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        @watagump1 Presidential for me and his is actually a Rolex Cellini. He collects them but I just learned the lingo over time.

      3. watagump1

        @Lady Luck HQ Bah, a Rolex for you, possibly a JLC for slot hubby.

      4. Lady Luck HQ

        What's your guess!?

    37. Lovel John

      A big hello to u .hope u are doing well.stay safe😀

    38. Tony Bizzarro

      I love that machine thank you so much for the video

    39. Anas Zainal Arifin

      I like you

    40. Tammy Pyle

      I would give too like u guys do

    41. Tammy Pyle

      Did u take out loan to get started? How can I just gamble like u everyday?? I'm so sick of work.

      1. Amayrany Lucio

        Mikey P 😢

      2. Mikey P

        Amayrany Lucio hating on a successful woman is what is making you so bitter. You’re making an ass out of yourself

      3. Amayrany Lucio

        jack phouminavong lmao

      4. JackofAllTrades 93

        Lets not be negative guys; her life, her money. We should be thanking her and her husband for creating entertaining content rather then assuming she has it easy.

      5. Amayrany Lucio

        Lady Luck HQ easy for you to say.


      Lady Luck where was this ... Tampa Hard Rock ❔ 🎸 🔞

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        It sure was!

    43. natural 9

      What a boring,ugly machine😜lol

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        You know I love Dragon Link 🐉 just trying to mix up the selection

    44. Shhh Slots

      Wheel of Torture is not my favorite game but I do like watching you play! Fun stuff with two spins. Much love and luck from AZ

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    45. Justin S

      My favorite slot channel never disappoints always a fun time with LadyLuckHQ

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you

    46. Naomi's Slot Channel

      I love the Wheel of Fortune. But sometimes I call it the Wheel of torture when I don’t get the spin. 😁👍🍀Thumbs up good luck congratulations on your spins & getting the Handpay.

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thanks you❤❤❤❤🥂

    47. Reeso Doe

      The excitement,the rush,lights 📷 action,the the hit congrats lady luck

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        👍 yes!!!

    48. David Brownell

      Nice to see a couple enjoying what they share

      1. David Brownell

        Lady Luck HQ your very welcome

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you

    49. Kevin Kern

      I love and hate WofF It’s very tight and doesn’t payout a lot But I still find it fun I’m glad you got the wheel a couple times

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Me too! This game can be tough

    50. Yulian Enache

      Hello lucky girl haw you doing beautiful girl

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Doing well thank you

    51. Danika Silva

      Luv the nails 💅 🤭💯👋🦋🌺🤩

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you🤜🤛

    52. Little Buddy

      Press, Press, Pull, 😂it has a song, you catch it.

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    53. Max Low

      Good luck lady.. 😁

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you

    54. Mr Steal Your Gurl


    55. Roger Perez

      Hope you do well just one question I see you always winning, have you done a video when you loose your A of?

      1. Tonino Di Salvo

        Brandon Kuhn usually have to feed the machine thousands before it pays what U lost then u get taxed so your always down in the long run when I use to look at my win loss statements from casinos made me sick coin in and out

      2. Brandon Kuhn

        And if you pay attention, even though she got $1,500 hand pay, she lost it back and was down $1,000 for this video. Anyways, good luck to the both of you!!🍀🍀🍀🍀

      3. Lady Luck HQ

        Yup I sure do... posted 3 last week... go watch this one kgup.info/get/apuKo4Gmlm-Lg3c/video

    56. Ofelia Ramiro

      I love watching you guys play. So exciting

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you