$100/SPINS on HIGH LIMIT VIDEO POKER at Hardrock Tampa

Lady Luck HQ

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    $100/SPINS on HIGH LIMIT VIDEO POKER at Hardrock Tampa
    Lady luck HQ and Hubby try their luck in the hight limit room at the Hardrock Tampa Casino on Video poker slot game aka pokies =)
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    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Lol. We aren't video poker experts! Who cares! Having fun! Still love you all!

      1. Fos D Boss

        Obvious your not experts but cool video! 😂👌🏿

      2. SINESI

        You should be holding the 2/2 unless jacks or better are already showing because you were playing double double bonus look at the 4 of kind payouts and don’t hold 2 pair unless they’re under jj because jacks or better and two pairs pay the same.....I’m a video poker degen lol

      3. Lady Luck HQ

        @Joel B. Will do. Continuing watching my thoughtless videos as I make money from your views! Thanks Joel!

      4. Belen Babao

        Fullhouse 5of kind straight flushes royal straightflush i know that game so much that is my fovorite game

      5. kamangeer100

        Shaun Carriere righttttt, just set your money on fire. Sound advise 😐

    2. david mark

      I know you have the best intentions but plain high limit video poker like this is cringe worthy and unenjoyable

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    3. Valorie Bracken

      They talk way to much and she has no clue how to play very irritating

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Ugh. They're the worst!

    4. A TK Story

      OMG I had to stop. Who ever you were playing with was costing you a lot of money. You always hold the pairs. Just keep the Ace will cost you so much money.

    5. LaVaun Johns

      Never seen that game before but it was exciting to watch.

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you my friend!

    6. Chris B

      Lol 'those clovers' That's something my wife would say - ha! And those little houses that look like they were built by a horrible framer.... 'Ah babe, those are diamonds' (laughing/crying Emoji face) ;-)

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        🤣🤣🤣you can tell i am an expert card player 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    7. Patrick Kyker

      So painful to watch.

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        I tried 🤷‍♀️

    8. Sheila Armistead

      Hope you were playing with your players card

    9. Gregory Perlman

      Video Poker For Winners Software! Practice....please!

    10. Dbo_044

      Your husband is a goof when it comes to Poker 😂 This might be the worst gambling/poker video on KGup. Congrats!

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        🤣 Glad I could give you some entertainment!

    11. JAT - Just Amature Tech - Phil PJ Davis

      If you really want to be lady luck. Get far away from that guy!👍

    12. Jung Kim Male

      I have been watching you guys for a little while, maybe you guys were not really in the mood to play. Your money but remember now you guys are public figures. Plus your husband made comment about some experts will let you know if you are doing it right... We love watching you guys let's keep the good responds respectfully. I happened to hit 21 jackpots on those plays in two months this year. $14800.00 being the most on three lines at San manuel california. Have great day

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thanks my friend. We aren't experts on VP so we were just trying to be playful and have fun! That's awesome you hit so many handpays!! Well done =)

    13. M Brenner

      If you're not going to hold the pair of Deuces you should be playing jacks or better, clearly your partner is more interested in the year vintage of his beverage than in throwing away money

    14. 1wayPhil

      I enjoy your content, but this was painful to watch....stick with what you know.

    15. Fos D Boss

      This guy think he’s playing jacks or better

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        He totally did 🤦‍♀️

    16. mark lu

      You always try to get Royal Flush when you play, the guy he doesn't know how to play

    17. Ken Jaeger

      dont ask him what to do

    18. Kevin Belknap

      Might want to leave the hubby home when playing video poker lol. Always keep pairs when playing bonus poker.

    19. John Carlson

      I like you guys so please don't take this personal...Dear Gawd!! At 100$ a pop please learn basic strategy for video poker...especially Double Double Bonus. I had to stop watching this video as soon as you threw away the pair to hold the ace...Yikers!

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        No offense taken John!! We suck at video poker! Just having fun 😁

    20. Cinthia Ann

      Painful to watch your poker play🙈

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    21. Angry Gambler

      In the case of the hand at roughly 6:42, either keep just the kings or just the queens because Jacks or better pays the same 5 dollars for either a pair or two pair. This way it gives you more of a chance for getting 4 of a kind. Yes you can get the full house but the pay isn’t as nice, especially since it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get a full house.

    22. Linda Erdey

      Read the payouts! The 2s 3s and 4s pay great! Ace is very good! Each game is different. You played like Jacks are better. This game is different!

    23. Doug V

      Amused that Lady Luck's intuition was better early on than the advice. 😉

    24. Kris Green

      This actually makes me feel sick. It's so painful. You two should honestly just stick to slots. You're literally just throwing money down the drain. In 20 minutes, I don't think you even figured out why you were getting the bonuses? Video Poker is a game of skill. At least learn a little about it, please!

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        I get your point but I think everyone's reactions are a bit too much. We will learn to play or we won't! Either way, we have fun!

    25. James Welch

      I enjoy watching you guys, but this one is brutal. Definitely not how I'd play the cards. But, still love watching your slot play.

    26. Brandon Villanueva

      I wouldn’t play video poker with him again.. wrong advice even if you’re not experts!

    27. J&J Slots

      At least you had fun 😃. The basic strategy had me 😳

    28. R G Slot Wins

      congrats on the 100k subs the negativity is ridiculous wow im so glad yall played video poker i love it and good luck on your next outing guys

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thanks my friend!! Don't sweat it!

    29. Scratch Queen407

      Hey great new video I learned something new today 🤗

    30. james jenicek

      Always hold the pair. But you guys play different. The big money, and that's fine. Take em' down.

    31. james jenicek

      3 of a kinds only activate the bonus hands. The multipliers are random.

    32. Anthony Molina

      Always hold a pair lol

    33. POPSRANT17

      Clovers? No silly, They are Puppy dog paws. cmon

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Yessss!!!! 😍

    34. Bradley Roberts

      Don't do this again until you watch some simple poker strategy tutorial videos. Then practice playing nickels.

    35. ceci71

      It was a nice change, BUT....... Stick to slots :-).

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    36. Crystal S

      Sure got a lot of tips on here. There's a machine at my local I play kind of like this I forget what it's called because there's several to choose from triple play poker is one of them or something like that. I play on the 5 cent denom tho, too risky for me to play higher lol.

    37. lou seba

      I love you playing slots. But you guys don’t know how to play poker. 😊 reach out to me for help !!!!!

    38. Stevie v

      It's your money but always hold Ny pair unless you are 1 away from. Royal.

    39. Robert DellaFave

      With that strategy you’re better off punting off at the slots, and that’s saying something. Good thing we have the chat, it would be terrible if viewers were encouraged to play like that.

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        @Robert DellaFave Agreed 100%. We suck at it but we don't play it often!

      2. Robert DellaFave

        @Lady Luck HQ Ha not a bad idea. Video poker is actually a great game, pay table depending, just takes some study. Holding low pairs over single and double high cards will drastically improve your game right away.

      3. Lady Luck HQ

        Just trying to discourage people from playing these at all and saving their money 😉

    40. carolannlocks

      I just have to say it takes practice Ms Lady Luck- and I love your video- it took me awhile to learn to place VP- I was taught by a blackjack dealer when I lived in vegas. I have to say HARD ROCK casino is a great place to play. I was dealt 4 aces (without kicker) on 5 play vp .50 denom- I held them and received 2 kickers out of 5 - $7,000 grand. Nice as I only put maybe 50.00 into that machine.

    41. Lord Flame

      I cringed whenever you guys let go of the pairs but I'm glad to see some video poker action on this channel

    42. Scott Summerour

      I love your videos, but the two of you need to read up and learn video poker strategy. You ended up throwing away a lot of winning hands.

    43. Carlton foster

      You guys are my favorite couple I watch a lot of people on KGup playing a game with you guys in love not just in love seriously in love the way you guys talk to each other the way you guys share everything and I love your wife sent so you warmer she can do every zone that does machine do and that’s very good for me that’s very entertaining and her personality is great she should have a show on TV or a home show cause she could make a lot of people life happy keep doing what you’re doing I may God bless your boat

    44. Belen Babao

      Royal 5ofkind flush straightflush fullhouse 4ofkind..its a big win is royal like AJKQ10 same cards sample heart is all heart its royal..

    45. Michael Haring

      If you're going to play this denom,.for God's sake PLEASE learn DDB strategy. Please. If you don't want to do that, play quarters or nickels.

    46. Bruce hagen

      I love your videos but as an avid video poker player, this was very hard to watch. Thanks for all you do!

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Sorry Bruce! 😢

    47. T Race

      OMG reaady to jump thru the screen - 2s 3s 4s are bonus hands for 4of a kind - good luck

    48. Yola Nowak

      I think you guys are better sticking to dragon link, you don't have to think. Ladyluck is really trying to figure it out. Hard to win big on computer poker. You cannot see their poker face or know if their bluffing.... 😁😉😘

    49. Paul Paul

      GOOD Vid no Harm $$$$ 🤔 I wouldn't play it lol

    50. KeerShaN Eight

      Play roulette 😅

    51. Francisco Garcia

      Ay sexy a ese no le entendi

    52. Tyler O

      Awesome video poker! I went to Vegas in August and ended up playing VP the last few days of the trip since the slots weren’t cooperating! It’s surprisingly fun to play. I too am learning the strategy but like you’ve said it’s for fun!!!

    53. Bobby Madera


    54. Sharon

      Francine Always just hold the Ace unless you have another card same suit and if you have an Ace with 2 other jacks or better just hold the 2 other jacks or better not the Ace and you always want to go for 4 of a kind ❤️

    55. Purple & Gold Slots

      This will be your most commented video! I play pretty close to how you are supposed to and still get comments about how bad my play is. There are some online trainers that I would recommend checking out so next time you play this it will come out much better.

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Haha. You're not joking!! Part of me knew by releasing it that the experts would come out! Theory proved right! We aren't VP players and that's okay. I'm good with the comments 😁

    56. kamangeer100

      I’m sorry to say this but your husband is a horrible video poker player 😂😂

      1. Lord Flame

        She was actually making better decisions but she let him override her

      2. kamangeer100

        Lady Luck HQ 👍🏻

      3. Lady Luck HQ

        Lol. Don't be sorry!! We are just having fun!

    57. ccbusa05

      Too painful to watch you not holding pairs. Stopped watching at 3:50. Arrgghh!

    58. Ham&Ban

      OMG lol yeaaa...he doesn’t know 🤭

    59. Wynn Wynn

      OK you guys been a while since the cruise. You really need to study this game: at 1:45 you are holding A non suited J you are playing double double so you hold only the A. 1:58 hold the pair 10s. 2:38 NO NO you had a pair of 2s this is a bonus hand 4 twos pays 400 with kicker 800. 3:51 pair of 2s again. 4:06 Pair of 9s 4:19 pair of 10s. I'm getting sick LOL 4:50 unsuited Ace and Jack no only hold the Ace. Just so you know the feature is triggered with any pay that is dealt on line 1. 6:14 you have a perfectly good pair of 6's. LOL 8:00 playing double double you would always hold the pair of 3's that is the bonus hand 400 for quads and 800 w/kicker. 8:43 again double double the idea is to get 4 Aces with a kicker hold is Ace only. 8:51 pair of 7s 9:27 Ace only. 10:00 you have a K clubs and a 10 clubs you needed them both. 10:25 you had a good pair of 5s but you dumped them. 10:47 pair of sevens but NO. LOL 11:48 NO hold only the Aces no way can you get 4 Aces with a kicker with that hold. 12:06 Ace only. 12:14 pair of 2s 12:26 AJ of hearts NO Q of clubs.12:57 Perfectly good pair of 5s14:05 again a pair of 2s 14:30 its a pair of 8s no its gone too. 15:43 Suited KJ only, 16:15 ACE ONLY. 16:34 ACE ONLY, He keeps on saying 4aces w/Kicker is 4grand it is not its 2k. 17:10 ACE ONLY, 17:59 YOU are correct the straight flush is what you go for. 18:22 Its the pair of 2s again 19:25 it would be the straight no the straight flush. Thank God its over that was work for me at almost 72. I was a card counter from 1966 to mid 70s started video poker in 1985 I play perfect as I practice with a software tutor. You guys need to stay with the drunk monkey machines as you are very lucky with the cats, bats, pigs, dragons, hats and wolfs blowing. Really don't play VP. LOL Unless you call me up and I'll help you with those hands LOL I really enjoy your regular videos so don't get me wrong I just hate to see you toss your money so much money and a game you don't understand and can't win in the long run playing the way you do. Don't hate me, just trying to be honest with you. Wynn Wynn next time.

      1. JAT - Just Amature Tech - Phil PJ Davis

        You are absolutely right. My God i hope he don't quit his day job to support the beautiful lady. Remember the game concentration when we were kids? Try to match up.

      2. John Carlson

        @Wynn Wynn Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I remember the old school dollar tokens. Man it was really fun filling that hopper and needing to reload...Smiles! I wish the Casinos weren't so tight messing with the paytables as you have to search for decent paybacks now. That aside, I alternate between BlackJack and Video Poker. Between the comped rooms, meals, amenities and the occasional winning sessions, I've have paid for many vacations and occasionally come home with a fat wallet too...as I'm sure you have.

      3. Wynn Wynn

        @John Carlson when the game started in 1985 it was jacks or better draw. We used dollar slugs. I remember a session at Golden Nugget that lasted 8 hours. They kept on filling the hopper as I racked dollar slugs ended with 1100 up they brought out a cart to take them LOL. So long term its 9/6 j o b. I like bonus double double and when full pay table duces. Also depends if there is a good progresive with good pay table. If I had to pick one game 8/5 single line dollar bonus. Have a Wynn Wynn day.

      4. John Carlson

        @Wynn Wynn Just curious. What's you're primary go-to game? I like Double Double Bonus dollars (sometimes 3 hand/triple-play...larger bankroll permitting), as it pays higher for Quads, which can make for some nice payouts, but can also rip through a bankroll pretty quick when no quad's dry spells hit.

      5. Wynn Wynn

        @John Carlson LOL it got much worse just read my hand by hand. Give me 2K and I can play 8 hours a day 1000 hands per hour and most likely be ahead or even over 3 days of play. I just played 6 hours at Pechanga in CA. Dollars single line and was down only 100 after those 6 hours.

    60. James Mckay

      You don't know what clubs are called! Had to kill this video because I'm yelling at the screen .sooooo painfully. don't do this again stick to games of chance not games of skill like poker!

    61. Fearlessprice81

      Play a machine that has a progressive for a 4 of a kind. You get mad money

    62. Lauren09 xo

      Omg this was beyond painful to watch...throwing away a pair of 10s and 9s ect to hold a Q 🤦‍♀️ you're beautiful and I love your energy but when betting $100 a hand...gotta look up basic strategy first..I get you guys wanna have fun but losing money in the process doesn't sound too great lol love the vids regardless! ❤️

    63. Trell & Linz

      Congrats on 100k subs

    64. i got game

      Always go for the royal flush it's not as hard to get as you think got one last week on this exact game

    65. Daniel Edwards

      Always hold the pairs

    66. i got game

      Just got back tonight from casino was playing the same game hit four aces and some for of a kinds . Still have time to watch some lady luck love your channel

    67. Bella Ann


    68. Jim in Detroit

      I enjoyed the video poker. Something different every now and then to mix things up is a good thing. Get the strategy down to increase your odds. You guys are bright. You will figure it out. Love you guys! Good luck!

    69. Mohamed Elhamammi

      LADY 100000 K ACANMPLI FELIC BRAVO 🎺🎺🎺🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

    70. Lon Fong

      This was hard to watch... got to hold the pairs. Wish it was live stream. We want to help.

    71. patricia mnok

      OMG no Play póker

    72. 1960's Kid

      Lady Luck HQ - congrats on 100,000 subscribers!

    73. Robert Austin

      Jacks or better are qualified hands for the bonus.. And your playing a bonus poker machine should always keep pairs of 2,3 or 4's or any pair over a single face card. Also hold any 2 Suited face cards to a Royal only hold the suited ten if you have 2 or more suited face cards, 3 or more to the royal.. I know your having fun playing, just sharing a little poker knowledge. To make the fun potentially more profitable..😉

    74. skyy&alvin

      Pls don't ever play this again! 🤷

    75. skyy&alvin


    76. Olivia Pineda

      I would hold the pairs for a 4 of a kind .....

    77. Robert Austin

      Ok sweet lady.. Now your speaking my language.. Poker...yes..lol Did I hear hubby say R8?.. Cars my 2nd favorite thing next to Video Poker.

      1. Robert Austin

        @Lady Luck HQ R8's are low to the ground.. But they are a pretty car..

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        Hey Robert! Yes, he drives an R8. Loves it. I hate it. Too low to the ground!

    78. marcus rezzonico

      Why so many dislikes🥺

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        I assume because we didn't play it correctly.. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    79. Cheryl Houghton

      Another tip, I have had a couple dozen or more Royals over the last few years and many of them including my most recent one was holding an ace and a ten on a two dollar machine for $8,000.

    80. Janis Gary

      Same here I play video poker all the time but I play double double but I always keep a pair hoping to get four of a kind

    81. Mark Cappuccio

      3 of a kind or better.

    82. TG Foley

      I love your videos and watching you guys play together. Not much more to add other than what other everybody else is saying. Try some video poker software for free like video poker.com will save you tons of money. Best of luck to you both

    83. Arthur Daniel

      Yep...a bit of a muck up. But never mind you have the advice below, if you choose to heed it, to play better next time. 😀😀...or not at all! Lol

    84. Cheryl Houghton

      Lordy, Lordy, Lordy Lady, listen to. your intuition and hold the pairs because that is the correct way to increase your odds to win! :)

    85. Jeff Wagner

      Hold the pairs

    86. Naomi's Slot Channel

      Congratulations on 100K Supporters LLHQ. I just saw the post on Instagram you are amazing & inspire so many Live your channel & will always show support to you🙌

    87. Anthony Martinez

      Lettts goooo.....

    88. Mark Aguirre


    89. Sammy Sammy

      Any buffalo high limit soon ??

    90. matthoward23

      ah the lovely lady getting back into video poker after 2 years.. finally!

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Haha. Well I've learned one thing - the way to increase viewer engagement on YT is to play VP incorrectly!! Theory proved true 🤣🤣

    91. Karen Isaacs

      O m g 🤦‍♀️

    92. John Glenn

      Jacks and another pair pay 5, why hold the other pair if your already a winner with the jacks or better ? Less chance of 3 or 4 of a kind if you hold 2 pair.

    93. Joseph Gutierrez

      So I bet y'all are done with that game for good huh 😂😂😂 well thanks for the video 👍 I still enjoyed it thanks 😊 you two have a blessed night 🙏😇💯🙏

    94. Mary Hobbs

      Keep the pairs

    95. Justin Thomas Dronemaster Scratchers JT

      Oh my. You’ve made it. 100K Hell ya. Special live sesh in the near future?? 😏😉


      This really hurt....

    97. Randy Hudgins

      Why don’t all you card sharks let them play. Y’all just mad ya done lost.

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        You're the best Randy 😘 Hope you're well my friend!

    98. Steven Kortman

      Please dont play video poker again, or read a book because your husband is horrible.

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Lighten up Steven. It's just a game. We're not curing cancer here.

    99. Kimberly Brewer

      I know a lot of people have already said it, but you were playing bad strategy for DDB VP. First, when you have a small pair and a FC, keep the small pair. Second, look at the pay table for Aces. When you are dealt a single Ace and another Face Card that doesn't match the Ace, don't keep the Face Card, only HOLD THE ACE. Not keeping four to a flush? Wrong play unless you have 4 to a SF or RF. It hurt to see you making basic mistakes because you were risking so much $$$.

    100. Pat Roberts

      I so appreciate you playing VP as that's my game, especially Double Double Bonus. You were playing correctly if you were playing Jacks or Better, but because you were playing to get 4 Aces with the kicker, you should only hold the Aces. Also, I've gotten several Royals by just holding one card, so you always want to hold the same suits and not all the face cards. Also, if you get two 2's, 3's, or 4's, you should just hold them because they have kickers. I love watching and hope you don't mind my suggestions.