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    This was right after the epic live stream of us hitting over $9k on Autumn Moon DRAGON LINK!!
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    1. Lady Luck HQ

      Here is my live stream session that happened right before this video - kgup.info/get/dqZ8mI-pd6ykfWY/video

      1. anh dam

        @Amazing Future dude money aren't free

      2. anh dam

        I watch your live stream last time it was awesome

      3. anh dam

        Good luck on live stream

      4. anh dam

        Cool thanks

    2. william israel

      That’s good. Good luck

    3. Guadalupe Padilla

      Si dejaras de hacer tus ruiditos de niña tonta y tú risita fingida, tus videos serían más vistos, pero así no dan ganas de verlos

    4. Ana Lorenzo

      Ohhhhhh maravillosa!!!!!

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    5. Ana Lorenzo

      No la conocia!!!!!!

    6. Simon Young

      In Australia most denoms are 1c 2c 5c 10c $1 We don't have as much variety as y'all over tbere

    7. Michael Fung

      Nice bonuses! Great job!

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    8. Chi Thai

      Good Luck 👍💰

    9. Tina Condina

      Did you start with $10k or win it??

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Won it and then put the ticket in

    10. Carrie Linde

      Are you still in Tampa?

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        We are leaving today... Amazing trip and so many good videos!!!

    11. Jovke Zmaj

      cringe fiesta

    12. Nachi Jr


    13. Cat playing guitar On a Guitar

      You’re the hottest slot on KGup

    14. D.C Carter

      That was Amazing! 🎉🎉🎉

    15. S Faataui

      Watching now..

    16. Cris Elías

      Desde que comenzó la cuarentena acá en Panamá no e ido al casino... Bien por ti Lady Luck que pueden jugará sin problemas allá en Estados Unidos. Suerte y hermosa como como siempre...

    17. Glen Cameron

      Thanks for the video...

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        You are welcome

    18. 650Giantsfan

      The minor and major is pretty much the same, LOL. I would guess one would be higher than the other

    19. Sally Shearin

      I played this game at choctaw and when I got the fire balls I kept saying wack, wack until I got one.

      1. Sally Shearin

        Yes on that one I did get a mini and a minor but they were low since I was playing pennies. But that helped me leave ahead.

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        Wack wack --- the sound it makes when a progressive orb drops down =)

    20. iTzKiNG1

      What a session!!👏 👌

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    21. Joe Roberts

      Must b nice too win thousands of dollars and never flinch.

    22. Pandicore


    23. filipino dude

      so jealous my luck ran out few days ago losing over 35k haha . i need to start rexording my plays lol

    24. Fabian Villanueva

      Person walking behind you stops to peek at how you’re doing. You block them so they don’t appear in the video?

    25. 정명숙

      very good. I am happy to.good luck.😄😄😄

    26. Yuri Hernandez

      Nice handy’s Lady Luck HQ!!! 😳😳😳😳 lady on the Background 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Haha. Thank you Yuri 😘

    27. Shah Baba

      In pic nice samile and beautiful body with amazing stayel.

    28. Wayne Adams

      #BATMAN.. Nice 👏👏👏💯💲💲💲👌

    29. Joe

      Lady Luck that's Amazing

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank Joe!

    30. Bobby Madera


      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thanks as always Bobby!

    31. TheMaster Zman11

      Ummmm yeah...that was a good machine! Well done

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thanks 👍

    32. Jacob Mabbott

      Wow what a joy to watch

      1. Jacob Mabbott

        I’m doing ok. Hope your good also

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you Jacob!! Hope you're well!

    33. KMD D

      That's awsome I like the hand pay also

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        thank you

    34. dragon china

      Nice job!The coin connection is on fire,full screen is beautiful!Enjoy it

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thanks 👍

    35. Wendy B

      You guys take big risks and almost always come out on top .. definitely ' best of the best"🎰🎰🏆🏆

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Hey Wendy! We definitely take risks but we don't always come out on top!! More losses than wins but this particular trip we crushed it! Unlike our last trip to Cosmo! LOL

    36. Cover Wich

      wow nice hit on the coin n wild

    37. Chelle Ploenges

      Absolutely Love watching you guys every single night , G'day Adelaide Australia 😊🌹

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Love you all from Australia =)

    38. JoJos Allsortz Donnelly

      Lady luck hq that was awesome.ur man is in the know about playing these slots..well done both of yous from aussie Jo jo..

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you so much!

    39. Cg Fh

      Damn u guys weren't screwing around! Started with $10k bankroll lol

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Hahaha! We came locked and loaded for this trip!

    40. Cg Fh

      Had to stop vid n comment here after first handy! Lol those pots kept coming n thought damn those 3 xtra spins but they were there to tell ya the pot was overflowing with coins!!! Hella nice line hit 2500$ full screen❗

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        This was a crazy session---- this first half of this was on the LIVE stream--- This was after--- the machine was on FIRE!!!

    41. Kountry D

      Congratz!!!!! Amazing Win

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thanks so much!!

    42. Chad Rancour

      Great content!! That was fun to watch.

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thanks so much!

    43. Lucky Javi Slots

      Great job, you are the best

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you my friend =)

    44. khalil Gibran

      Congratulations! PD. You are so beautiful 😍

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you so much!!

    45. Yisus DieF

      -Excelente juego. Impresionante 👌 -excellent game. awesome 👌

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you my friend!!!

    46. Martin Hernandez

      Ok ok ok

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    47. Rose Lavallee

      15 thousands or hundreds

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    48. Mr. Coin Sack

      😲 I swear!! Slot machines must be alive, male, and have eyes!! None of them want to watch a hot chick lose! So 😋

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        LOL you are funny!!!! This machine was on fire tho!!!

    49. Brandyn French

      How long u in Tampa for I'm a big fan would love to meet u if I have time to visit

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        I was just there for 2 days... I will be back tho!

    50. Jarod Thompson

      Hope ya'll enjoyed council oak! That's my home casino and where I used to play quite a bit till the new tower got built and the service (for locals) went all to hell. Glad to see you guys winning tho!

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        OMG it was amazing!!! I cant wait to go back there!!! SO YUMMY

    51. Rico Hazem

      ba pam pa pam pam i like it lol

    52. Legion of Boom Slots

      I miss your older intro when you go on the video love to see that beautiful smile before the video start

      1. Legion of Boom Slots

        @Lady Luck HQ yay thank you, stay safe out there you and your hubby

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        Don't worry I will still do this--- just mixing up the style for everyone =)

      3. Lucky Javi Slots

        Yes I agree

    53. Harvey Lattray

      Congratulations Lady Luck u did it again.

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        I try =)

    54. Amit Dighe

      Holy moly😱😱

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        I know right!!!

    55. MrGib1978

      Nice wins......windcreek wetumpka and Montgomery been on fire

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        @MrGib1978 wow! That's amazing! Need to go back there soon. Been too long

      2. MrGib1978

        Yes..152k.....1.5mil its so many 40k 30k 20k plenty 10k

      3. Lady Luck HQ

        Really!?!? Any good wins lately?

    56. Jay C Slots

      Always fun to watch 🍀🍀🍀

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you Jay


      Incredible win 💥 well done guys 🥳

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you!

    58. Andrew Allison

      I really love watching you play that was absolutely fantastic ❤️ from Australia! I love your mask too 😂 cute

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thanks Andrew ☺️😁❤️

    59. me me

      U should of stop after the last bonus ...that machine went cold

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        It happens

    60. Chano One

      A you guys should come play in wendover NV It been playing a llorar slots

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        We love Wendover. Used to go all the time when we lived in SLC.

    61. HRP SloTs

      God damm!!🥳🥳 they should just let you guys take that machine home with u lol. Congrats!!

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        OMG - One day I would love to have some retired machines in my home to play =)

    62. Marina Villagra


    63. Pugmom0220

      Fun video to watch!

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you

    64. Ramzy Rodriguez

      Great win.

    65. Lovel John

      That was one super great jackpot way to go lady luck great job😀

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thanks so much!!

    66. Jen Christianson

      Congratulations, what high limit room was this? At HR I’m going in Oct and want to play those machines?

    67. Claire Johnson

      Lady Luck you are so funny. I love your sound effects!

      1. Carmen Vela

        @Lady Luck HQ has Bhutto

      2. Claire Johnson

        You are really good!

      3. Lady Luck HQ

        LOL i know they can be silly but I have been doing sound effect my entire life... just part of my personality =)

    68. shanialover

      Dear Francine, I again LOVE everything you wore since it is the same as during the Live feed & congrats on these 3 Handies to go with the GIGANTIC one during the feed. Did the 4 Handies 🎈 put together break the record for total from 1 machine? Hubby sure is ALWAYS quick with ""THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID" LOL. As always Good Luck & I keep you both in my thoughts & prayers. 👱‍♀️👗👠👠🍀🍀

      1. Chad Rancour

        @Lady Luck HQ That's what she said is hilarious. The office is my all time favorite show.

      2. shanialover

        @Lady Luck HQ Yes I have watched it many times but I am not positive it only came from there as I have heard that a LOT. The Office episode that I will Always remember is when the proposal happened with all the candles and I was crying until the sprinklers finally started extinguishing the FIRE! That got me laughing even though the proposal continued with both of them soaking wet. 👱‍♀️👗👠👠😊💓

      3. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you so much! "that's what she said" is from the office--- Have you ever watched that show before? that is were that saying came from =)

    69. Dorojan Petrica

      Good night Francine. Keep going

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        night night

    70. Michael Lovelace

      Nice work, do you guys get down to Tampa often?

      1. Michael Lovelace

        10-4, we would love to run into you guys next time your down

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        Well it is much closer then Vegas being that we are in GA....

    71. hanging with linda

      Awesome wins 👏, what game is your favorite? Love your videos! Congratulations 🎉

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        I love all the link games!

    72. Walking Dead

      Your teeth are hella white !!! Lol nice jackpots btw

      1. Walking Dead

        Lol well yes ma’am!

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        LOL they are? I never noticed... THANK YOU

    73. bernie udo

      LLHQ found another ATM. 🔥💵

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    74. Kathryn Vera

      I love all the luck and success on happy and prosperous! 🤩

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        🤞🤞luck and success

    75. Danielle

      You two got that machine while it was on🔥🔥🔥nice video.

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you 😊

    76. marvin williams

      Very nice hiting keep it going

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    77. Mike Boone

      That was awesome

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        Thank you

    78. Awoken33

      Nice hit on all gold coins $2655 👍

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        Thank you

    79. marvin williams

      Oh ok cool

      1. Lady Luck HQ


    80. The Big Jackpot

      Love watching you hit big booms on new machines 💣

      1. The Big Jackpot

        Jen Christianson thank you

      2. Jen Christianson

        Just watched you Raja win the grand on dollar storm. Congratulations

      3. The Big Jackpot

        Lady Luck HQ I cant wait to play them soon

      4. Lady Luck HQ

        Thanks Raja!! The new Dragon Links are so awesome! You'll crush them.

    81. Dorojan Petrica

      I am watching you with pleasure

      1. Dorojan Petrica

        @Lady Luck HQ how are you my girl?

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        Thanks 😊

    82. marvin williams

      Hey Lady Luck HQ I see you are at Hard Rock Casino that the one that's in Tulsa Oklahoma by any chance

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        This is the one in Tampa

    83. marvin williams

      Dam nice

    84. marvin williams

      Very beautiful lady luck HQ Rich hit that jackpot

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you 😁

    85. Dorojan Petrica

      Nice move Francine. How are you?😇

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Doing well, how are you?

    86. Kota Antonio

      I wish I could just get one of your handpays 😩 I hate being broke

      1. Kota Antonio

        Lady Luck HQ would be nice !

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        I hope you have a big jackpot next time you play!

    87. Nancy Mattix

      That was beautiful! Congratulations.

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thank you

    88. Linda Liddell

      That bonus was smokin!

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Great run!!!

    89. Rosio H

      Wow, Congratulations on Your Handpay Jackpot👍🎰.... You always play my favorite slots.. I love watching Your Videos. Thank you for Sharing another Good Video😊

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Thanks for watching

    90. Naomi's Slot Channel

      Oh cmon now be the nice lady🤣😜you crack me up LLHQ congratulations on your handpays 👍🍀

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Hey lady 😍

    91. Mister Gabe

      What is your strategy when you pick a game to play?

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Just have fun 😊

    92. Timothy Conwell

      Your amazing I'll just give you my money and you can parlay it into millions ! LOL

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      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Lol I tried to block him out 🤣🤣🤣

    95. Timothy Conwell

      [Don't Stop Believing] !!!! Without Lady Luck We All gone !!! Thanx Stay Safe!!!

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Stay safe

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      1. Lady Luck HQ


    98. Gabino Barrera

      Hi Lady Luck,That machine can be mean sometimes i played it before and I lost on it.

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        Us too!

    99. Ronan *

      you are by far the luckiest person I've ever seen on this whole youtube.....nobody compares.....you have somebody watching out for you....could you take a second and explain how not getting a handpay buy loading it into and acct works....that must be new....never seen it before anywhere else....thankyou

      1. Bunny Ford

        I agree! She has something about her that’s magnetic and infectious. I am always, asking and wondering what’s her secret?!?

      2. Lady Luck HQ

        We have FAST PAY turned on... so we will get all the documents in the mail vs. After he handpay payout.

    100. Charlie Gomez

      That was an unbelievable when you guys did 😀😎

      1. Lady Luck HQ

        It was crazy